Hello and welcome to Camp Three R's Programs.

 Camp Three R's was birthed from my reality experienced working in elementary and high school classroom settings. Most skills and knowledge for academic thriving starts at an age where the child is old enough to discern and retain these knowledge and skills. We however believe that elementary level children are young enough to be able to fail a few times before reaching the stage where they are expected to master these knowledge and skills.  

Our camp and programs are rooted to support growth from the failures, and also the garnering of these knowledge and skills; outside of the classroom setting. Our semi formal delivery allows for flexibility, a light structure and fun activities while staying focused, engaged, ambitious and positive.

The multifaceted program offers parents more options while getting the help their child needs. We do our best to plan a reasonable schedule for days, times, options for attendance, and also for getting to programs' location.


Staff working with Three R's participants must have a police screened clearance, be First Aid and CPR trained, trained to do COVID 19 screening, and understand the cleaning and sanitizing process. Meal handling and serving is done by "Food Handlers" certified staff. There is always a licensed nurse on site. 


We are ready, willing and excited to see how the vision and values Three R's is committed to, will aid your child or children in their academic endeavors. Read details about our different programs in our programs menu.We look forward to, and welcome all our potential participants to CAMP THREE R's. We hope to see you soon and we are excited to bring all our resources, skills and talents to you and your children. 

Bernadette White (camp coordinator)



Ensuring that every child can succeed academically when given their own individual and correct foundational elements to start and build on.

Academic Enrichment


At Three R's, we aim to enrich the lives of young children, by providing support and resources for academic progress through our camp and other academic programs. The goal is not to help the child to become the most sophisticated professional in the future, but rather prepare them with academic tools, and equip them to function in the real world.


Every child that experiences Three R's programming will be seen individually in their abilities, understanding and speed of

progress; while working towards their optimal performance. 



Learn and excel through play, interaction and being challenged from our programs' delivery.



Each day will be a combination of Math and Language skills activities and games. We will work with the child's already known skills, introduce some new learning skills and get them familiar with some they may see in their grade; while still having fun.

+ Literacy and Mathematics

+ Readers Theater
+ Book Club
+ Creative Writing & Journalism
+ Math challenge
+ Achievement Enrichment

+ Anti-bullying

+ Special Talents programs

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