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3 MAJOR skills that are a necessity to a child's academic journey

Besides the fundamental Mathematical skills of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing; here are some other skills that will be sure to rocket your child to success not just in school but in life.

  1. Money

Whether your child plans to attend college, university, trade school or goes job seeking right after high school; money will always be a necessity. Money knowledge is not just to get and keep a job, but also for their own well being. Learning about money should be an early skill and this is why the Ontario Mathematics curriculum was revised to add a few new subjects; one being Financial Literacy.

2. Time

Time is such a necessity in everyday life. It is important to every aspect of life. It is imperative to early childhood education, as it is a complex subject requiring time and patience to be taught and learned.

3. Time Tables

Despite what is being said, tables are a set up for success. At least up to the 12's. It is not a mandate in the Ontario curriculum to learn the tables, and from classroom, to schools, to school boards; there is a divide. If you however look at the ability to solve Math problems among students at both elementary and high school level, it is evident that it is an easy advantage.

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