- Staffing ratio is 1 staff to 7 children. We are committed to safety and infection control. At least one registered nurse will be on site at all times. 

- MASKS is optional (as per Public Health's directions). Reusable masks MUST be washed or changed daily before using it the next day on camp site. 

-Programs are heavily monitored and restricted from outside visits and guests who have no form of connection to the programs.

- Campers will have a camp wristband on daily while at camp on site. Participants information IDs/names are locked away in a secured locked box when not in use. Every camper's registration and file is kept in a professional locked file box and only accessible by camp coordinator. Staff are kept accountable by signing a form agreeing to maintain confidentiality and privacy for all participants and their information. 

- Parents are asked to read and sign the appropriate section of our consent form for video/picture taking and publication for Three R's purposes.

- We understand that things happen unexpectedly, so please include everyone who has the authority to pick up you child or children from any of our programs. Children will not be released to parent, guardian or anyone who is not listed on registration document.

- All resources, games, and any items that campers come  in contact with are sanitized and cleaned daily and in between use. Chairs, desks, tables, counters, washrooms are cleaned daily.

- All participants and staff will wash their hands before and after meals, after all group activities, upon entering camp area and before leaving camp site. Numerous research have proven and continues to present evidence that hand washing is still the number one effective practice for infection control(preventing spread of germs).

-Participants are given a personal pouch with their own personal tools for daily use. 

- Food is handled following the Ontario food handling laws and guidelines. 

- If a camper becomes ill at any of our programs for any reason, they will be isolated until proper assessment can be done. This may warrant calling medical services to our location or transferring the child to where they can receive medical care. This same procedure will be followed if a child is injured at any of our programs. It will be determined by a medical professional how to proceed with medical care. All procedures outlined in registration documents will be followed and parents/guardians will be notified.​ Parents may need to pick up their child as well. 

- If a participant is unsafe to self or others, parents/guardians will be notified immediately and a conversation will be had to determine if the child can remain in the program.


- Parents must ensure that they have disclosed all pertinent information regarding any medical diagnosis or food allergies their child may have, in order for the staff to know what cautionary measures to take and put in place. 


- If a child experiences an acute illness while at any of our programs, we will proceed as outlined above. If however your child could experience an exacerbation of a present or past diagnosis, please ensure that all information, protocols, and treatment are included on registration form and provide staff with the necessary items for treatment. Please ensure that EpiPens and other emergency treatment are readily available, up to date; and staff are made aware of it being on the child. 

- Please read carefully the sections on refunds for illnesses; the immunization process, medical conditions, allergies and medical procedures, in the registration package.

- We will make every effort to ensure that your children have a safe and enjoyable experience at Camp Three R's programs.