Saturday Boost

Introducing 'Saturday Boost.' Program will include a Saturday morning session from 8:30 to 12:30. Children can catch up on missing learning that was caused by the pandemic school closures. The program is designed to refresh and review what was learned from their previous grade, and to reinforce what is now being taught. We will focus on the child's individual challenges in Math or Language. Maybe your child hasn't quite grasped concepts, some information, or not mastered the knowledge and skills of a subject. Teachers' time frames are organized to cover topics and materials within a set time period. Therefore, some children may have not  caught on quick enough or may be struggling to master what was taught. Our program is here to give the extra time and help to get them up to speed. These are in person sessions. Pay per session. The cost is $45 per full session or $25 for 2 hours or less.

Call or text 905 580 9676 or email for more information.